Home of the Holy Angels


Harriet Tusiime

Brenda Tusiime

Ronald Tumusiime
Ronald is 8 years old; born November 1, 2005. He began at The Home of the Holy Angels in 2014 and is in second grade. Ronald is in good health and he likes soccer. His mother, Harriet Nabukeera, is HIV positive and ill. Ronald’s father died in 2013. Ronald is in the care of his grandmother who is looking after 10 children.

Agnes Murungi
Agnes began at The Home of Holy Angels in 2012 She is academically bright especially in science. She may become a medical worker. She is sociable and likes playing netball and listening to popular music.

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About Uganda and the Kibale District

Map of Kibale, UgandaThe Republic of Uganda lies in mid-east equatorial Africa, and is bordered by Tanzania and Rwanda in the South, the Congo in the West, Kenya in the East, and the Sudan in the North.  The Kibale District is a little known political subdivision of the Republic of Uganda.  It is located in Southwestern Uganda and is situated on the Ugandan Central Plateau at an altitude of 2,200 to 4,950 feet above sea level.  The Kibale climate is primarily tropical with rainfall that ranges from approximately 39 to 60 inches per year.  The wet seasons are September to December and March to May.  Approximately 600,000 people live in the Kibale District, and about 30 million in Uganda as a whole.


(1)        HIV/AIDS:  According to 2003 estimates, over 4% of the Ugandan population has HIV/AIDS.

(2)        LIVE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH:  51.6 years, as compared to 70 to 80 years in the industrialized world.  Median age is 15 years.

(3)        INFANT MORTALITY: A devastating 67.83 deaths per 1,000 live births.

(4)        MAJOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Ebola.

(5)        PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION IN POVERTY: Greater than 40%.

(6)        PER CAPITA INCOME OF POPULATION IN POVERTY: Less than $1.00 per day.

Many of Uganda’s children have lost one or both parent to disease.  It is for these children KUDU was created.