Home of the Holy Angels


Harriet Tusiime

Brenda Tusiime

Ronald Tumusiime
Ronald is 8 years old; born November 1, 2005. He began at The Home of the Holy Angels in 2014 and is in second grade. Ronald is in good health and he likes soccer. His mother, Harriet Nabukeera, is HIV positive and ill. Ronald’s father died in 2013. Ronald is in the care of his grandmother who is looking after 10 children.

Agnes Murungi
Agnes began at The Home of Holy Angels in 2012 She is academically bright especially in science. She may become a medical worker. She is sociable and likes playing netball and listening to popular music.

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Construction of the Holy Angels Home for Children

About the Home of the Holy Angels

The Home of the Holy Angels will provide dignified housing, educational, and medical care to those children who have lost one or both parents and have no immediate family member capable of providing the care, comfort, and nurturing that all  children so richly deserve.

In the Kibale area, all resources needed for these children are difficult to obtain. Adequate and sanitary water conditions are in short supply putting the children at further risk for malnutrition and disease. Rain water is collected in barrels during the rainy season, and some residents must walk several miles to obtain well-water considered "safe" for consumption or even for the daily activities of washing and cleaning.

On September 5, 2007 KUDU's vision to help these children was graced by the opportunity to purchase 20 acres of land in the Kibale district. Through private donations, this purchase was a major step to achieving the ultimate goal of building the Home of the Holy Angels. Donated architectural plans have been completed for the construction of the first facility.  The children who will be attending the school are regarded as innocent angels that need protection.  The entire Phase 1 will contain 18 buildings. (Photo left: Fr. Walsh, Fr. Charles, Joe Panzl review the plans for the Holy Angels Home for Children)”

The home will include living and eating areas, classrooms, a medical infirmary, self generated electricity, and sanitary water supplies. KUDU's prime objective in Phase 1 is to construct an orphanage with supporting educational facilities for up to 80 boys and girls, ages 3 - 8 who are currently living on the streets, abandoned and alone in the Kibale district. With KUDU's 20 acres of land, our ultimate goal is to expand our mission up to 500 children.



Larger image of the proposed Holy Angels Home for Children
Proposed Holy Angels Home for Children with outlined phases